Roadside Clean-Up May 12, 2021

Calling Volunteers to help Clean-Up our Roadside again this May. Meet at our Fire Station #1 on Wednesday, May 12th, 9AM. Get your bags and the road section you will be cleaning. Rain Date set for the following day, Thursday, May 13th, 9AM.

CLEAN-UP TIP #1: Wear your boots, long pants, hat, gloves, bug spray, and bring your reachers!

CLEAN-UP TIP #2: If you are applying mulch to your property before our Roadside Clean-Up date, consider saving your bags. They were much more convenient to use than the larger garbage bags, especially when it’s windy. AND as you were going to throw it away anyway, it is now FULL of roadside debris!

IF both the 12th & 13th are rainy will post the dates for the following Wednesday / Thursday back-up for the Clean-Up.

Want more information – Call Bill Hinkle, 573-345-3841