We are here to help!

Our goals are to provide fire protection and medical assistance for members and to instruct them in methods and techniques in fire protection.

Fire Station #1 is located at 3353 Coffman Bend Drive, Climax Springs, MO

Lower Insurance Rates

As of 1/1/2014 ISO Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) rates CBFA’s entire territory as a 6! For many of you this is an improved rating of 3 points (from 9 to 6) and for others it’s an improvement from 7 to 6.

Keep the neighborhood safe

We are all ever vigilant about crime in our area. Please report anything unusual in your neighborhood, to our Neighborhood Watch Team. For a serious situation, call 911 for the Camden County Sheriff’s department where it will be routed to the correct service (fire, EMS, Sheriff).

To contact our Neighborhood Watch Team or to get more information, call Joe Kobolt, (816) 365-5110.