Ameren’s Shoreline Clean-Up for Coffman Bend April 2 to April 11

Ameren’s Shoreline Clean-UP dates for Coffman Bend are Friday April 2 – Monday April 12. inviting Coffman Bend residents interested in cleaning their own or neighboring shoreline of accumulated debris to help.  By the way it is their 30th year with this program.

A dumpster, specific for Coffman Bend Shoreline debris ONLY will be placed behind our Coffman Bend Fire Station #1, Friday April 2 & removed Monday April 12.

Shoreline Clean-UP Blue Bags are available upon request, call Sandy at 573-345-0103 or send an email to striplett3@yahoo.com.  Include your name, number of Blue Bags you need, & how to contact you in your message.  IF you have large items (pieces of foam that has not grown into the shoreline, washed-up dock pieces, etc) you may also call & we will help facilitate removal.   

The dumpster will ONLY be for SHORELINE DEBRIS – PLEASE DO NOT USE FOR PERSONAL DEBRIS, HOUSEHOLD OR YARD WASTE. The dumpster is VIDEO MONITORED – This effort & service helps keep our shoreline clear of debris. Please do not abuse it.