COVID-19 Info for this Holiday Season

All year our community, and the world, has had to adjust their behavior because of COVID-19. While Coffman Bend has been a great place to live and spend weekends, we must also do our part in staying safe this holiday season.

The past two weeks we have heard from the Lake Regional Health System as well as many hospitals in KC and St. Louis that are pleading with everyone to help reduce the number of cases, so they don’t have to turn away other patients. A hospital’s capacity flexes constantly based on staffing and other factors, and the more COVID-19 patients they have the less capacity they have to help ER and ICU patients.  

Every bed taken up by COVID-19 is a bed that is unavailable for residents that have heart attacks, strokes and other trauma.

Below are a couple resources, statistics and links that you and your family can use to better understand how COVID-19 is affecting our rural community.

Risk of at least 1 person having COVID-19 in various gathering sizes

Local Counties10 people15 people50 people
Camden County, MO27%38%80%
Johnson County, KS28%39%81%
Cole County, MO52%67%97%
As of 11/18/2020

View site for updated info/interactive data

“Help each other.  If you’re not already, please do two simple things consistently: practice social distancing and wear masks in public.”

Dane W. Henry, FACHE, CEO Lake Regional

Info from Lake Regional Health System

Lake Regional had 85 inpatients, 24 with COVID-19 as of 11/16/20. From 11/7 – 11/13 Camden County added 205 new COVID-19 cases.

Lake Regional Letter to Community – 11/16/20

Increased hospitalization trends typically lag 4 -6 weeks from the time increased cases are reported. (KU Medical Center Daily Digest)

Info from Mid-America Regional Council

30% of hospitalizations in KC and St. Louis are from Rural Counties in Missouri and Kansas
500+ covid-19 hospitalizations in KC Region
1100+ covid-19 hospitalizations are expected at peak in that region
31% ICU Beds are being used by COVID-19 patients
16% ICU beds are available
Info as of 11/18/20

Mid-America Regional Council Covid-19 Hub

Show Me Strong School Districts

View school district totals for COVID-19 infections