Annual & Board Meeting By-Law & Election Results

The Amendment to the Coffman Bend Fire Association By-Laws was overwhelmingly approved at the Annual Meeting today. The Amendment establishes the Neighborhood Watch committee to be a CBFA Standing Committee.

At the Board Meeting following the Annual Meeting, Vince Burget, Board President, appointed Joe Kobolt the Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair. The Committee will report to the Board and Fire Chief any events that could affect the health, welfare and/or safety of the residents and guests of Coffman Bend.

Congratulations Joe Kobolt.

A large turnout of CBFA members voted for 3 of the 5 Board Nominees. Congratulations go to Michael Dickemann, Craig Horton, and Marilyn Kobolt who will take seats at the September 7, 2022, CBFA Board Meeting.

Congratulations to our three new Board Members.