Five Nominees for 3 Board Positions: Cast your vote at Fire Station #1, 8 – 10 AM Saturday August 13


Michael Diekmann

I was a volunteer fireman for 8 years with the CBFA and have many years of experience in administration and Boards. Through the Dept. of Defense, I was the Superintendent of Schools for many years. For 5 years I was the Superintendent of Schools for Climax Springs.

Larry V. Faulkner

I am a 2nd generation on the Bend and want the best for Coffman Bend. My father started here in 1987 and then I picked it up in 1995. Have been living on the Bend full time since 2015. I have volunteered multiple times for road clean-up and shootouts. I am an Air force veteran and worked for Boeing, TWA and American Airlines.

Craig Horton

My wife (Nancy) and I are fulltime residents. We moved here in 2020 at the 50mm. I am a 37-year (retired) police officer. Most of my career was working at Ferguson MO Police Dept. During my time there I was trained in St. Louis County Fire Fighter 1 & 2 and was an Emergency Medical Technician. Also, I was a DARE Officer and school Resource Officer for 23 years. I was President of MO DARE Officer Assoc. I want to join the Board of Directors to support our Fire Fighter, EMR and Coffman Bend Community, continuing keeping a positive rapport with the Camden County Sheriff Office. Thank you for your vote.

Marilyn Kobolt

My background is in insurance 17 years and the legal field for 25 years. Both required working with the public, attorneys, courts, and various agencies. This enabled me to learn teamwork, compromise and negotiating skills. I am an active member of the Firestorms and enjoy participating in various Community activities along with being an active member and volunteer of my Church.

Tamara Marsalla

My name is Tamara (Tammy) Marsalla and I’m running for a seat on the CBFA Board of Directors because I feel I can represent the community in the Board’s decision making process that impacts both our community and the Coffman Bend Fire volunteers. My husband Frank and I have lived in Coffman Bend (part-time and now full-time) since 2001. We were business owners (Crazy Roy’s) in Climax Springs until January 2021. I’ve attended monthly CBFA Board meetings, volunteered at fundraising events and road cleanup. I have worked over 35+ years in Corporate USA, with my last position being I.T. Project Manager. My husband is retired KCFD. I would really appreciate your vote for CBFA Board of Directors.