Shootout 2023 Check Presentation Link

Margie & Ron Frazier, Nancy Croft & Todd Watson, Nancy & Craig Horton, Marilyn & Joe Kobolt, Sharon Walker, Nancy MacDougall, Mark Jost and Melanie Skinner attended the November 30th Shootout Volunteers check presentations, at Performance. It was an exciting event and is available to watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vga4ydphO-c The video is also available on the new LOZ smart phone app. If you haven’t seen it – check it out on your smart phone.

There was $675,000 distributed to the Shootout Charities. Leah Martin, Executive Director, announced $271,000 of Shootout merchandise was sold by our own Coffman Bend Fire Department Volunteers this year!

The Shootout Board, Performance (their major sponsor), and all the Charities Thanked their volunteers, without whom, the Shootout event would not be possible.

The check our Fire Department as well as your annual dues supports our ALL volunteer fire department which help continue our ISO rating which keeps your personal property & home insurance low and is there if you have an emergency and our first responders &/or firefighters.

The Coffman Bend Fire Department THANKS ALL OF YOU that volunteered for the 2023 event and also those fire department volunteers who stayed behind to ‘man / woman’ our fire department in case of an emergency.