Brainstorming Session Following Shootout 2023 Held by Margie re: T-Shirt Sales +

Wednesday, October 11, Margie Frazier held a post Shootout T-Shirt Sales brainstorming session along with Nancy & Mike Colley at the fire station. Invited were T-Shirt and other Shootout Volunteers who were informed of improvements and asked to provide feedback for ways further improve volunteer efficiency and productivity.

Fifteen volunteers attended and ALL made comments and/or shared suggestions. (Click here to see the Brainstorming Notes)

What was stated over and over again was the appreciation for how far Margie & Ron has advanced CBFA participation in the Shootout events over and above the T-Shirt tent such as Golf Tournament, Trap Shoot, MiniShootout, setting out the race track, volunteer sandwiches, and as needed volunteer help.

Margie & Ron will continue to lead all CBFA Shootout activity and Margie will continue to be the sole communicator and coordinator with the Shootout Executive Director.