FIRESTORM SPRING 2022 Newsletter

Check your mail, the Firestorms posted your 2022 Newsletter! A few comments you will see on the Newsletter –

From Your Fire Chief – Todd Watkins – Spring time is a good time to check your fire alarms and change your batteries. EVERY SECOND COUNTS, help the Firefighters/EMR’s find your property, put your “reflective” address numbers on your house or attached garage

From Your Board President – Vince Burget – This year, three positions come up for election. None of the 3 current members will be running for re-election, so it’s vital those positions be filled. An application to apply is in YOUR mail. IF YOU are interested, complete & return by July 1.

From Your CBFA Board Treasurer – John Baker – The Coffman Bend Fire Association continues to be financially sound even though about 10% of the property owners on the Bend did not pay dues for 2021-2022, a total of approximately $6,000; an additional $15,000 is owed in late fees and back dues.

DID YOU KNOW – New Coast Guard requirements for on-board fire extinguishers that go into effect in April of this year. Here’s a link to one site that explains what is required:  New fire extinguisher rules for recreational boaters go into effect April 20, 2022 – Coast Guard Maritime Commons Blog